Member of RUSI

Dr. Birna Baldursdóttir

Reykjavík University
Department of Psychology

Dr. Birna Baldursdottir is an Assistant Professor at the RU Department of Psychology and the Director of the PhD Studies in Psychology.

Her research focuses on health and well-being among cancer patients as well as the general public. She has extensive experience in intervention research and current projects include determining the efficacy of interventions to improve the well-being of cancer patients, such as a randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of light treatment for breast cancer patients and a treatment decision-aid for prostate cancer patients. She has also studied the effect of physical activity on well-being among adolescents, and has worked as a research project manager on a number of projects at RU since 2012. Dr. Baldursdottir received her PhD in Medical Sciences with an emphasis on Public Health from Gothenburg University, Sweden, in 2016. Dr. Baldursdottir has held a position at Reykjavik University since 2008.