Member of RUSI

Dr. Kamilla Rún Jóhannsdóttir

Associate Professor
Reykjavík University
Department of Psychology

Dr. Kamilla Run Johannsdottir is an Associate Professor at RU Department of Psychology and the Director of the BSc Psychology Program at Reykjavik University.

She is also a member of the Centre for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents (CADIA) and the Institute of Biomedical and Neural Engineering at RU. Her research focuses on cognitive mechanisms in basic and applied environments. Current research projects include measuring biological markers such as speech signals and physiological processes in order to monitor workload and diagnose depression. Other projects include examining the impact of sleep deprivation, stress and workload on working memory and executive attention, based on behavioural as well as physiological measures. Dr. Johannsdottir received her PhD in Cognitive Science from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in 2004. Following her graduation, Dr. Johannsdottir held a position as a Visiting Research Scientist at the Advanced Cognitive Engineering laboratory at Carleton University. She has extensive experience in research on cognitive mechanisms/processes.