Member of RUSI

Dr. Jacky Mallett

University of Reykjavík
Department of Computer science

Dr. Jacky Mallett is an Assistant Professor in RU’s Department of Computer Science.

She is a multi-disciplinary computer scientist with a PhD in computer science from MIT and 30 years of industry and research experience in designing, building, and troubleshooting distributed systems, including real-time critical systems, high performance computing, signal processing, wide-area networking and computer security. She has worked on secure advanced server infrastructure for high frequency trading and consumer appliances, and teaches Computer Security at both University of Iceland and RU.
She is the chairman of the Icelandic chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. She has authored 23 peer-reviewed papers. She is currently the Principal Investigator of a project funded by The Icelandic Research Fund in collaboration with NOX and deCODE genetics working on analysing home sleep recording data using machine and deep learning. In previous projects, she has applied signal processing to bird song recognition and image and analysis. She is also the author of Threadneedle, the first computer simulation of the modern banking system to use double entry book keeping to accurately reproduce its behaviour. As a result of Icelandic economy work, she also serves as a Supervisory Director of the Central Bank of Iceland, appointed by the Icelandic Parliament in 2018.