Member of RUSI

Dr. Paolo Gargiulo

Reykjavík University
Department of Engineering

Dr. Paolo Gargiulo is a Professor at Reykjavik University and the Director of the Medical Technology Center that belongs to both Reykjavik University and Landspitali

The National University Hospital. He studied at TU Wien and finished his PhD in 2008. Paolo’s interests and expertise are mostly in medical image processing, neuroengineering, 3-D printing and medical technologies. He developed at Landspitali a 3D-printing service to support surgical planning with over 200 operations planned with a significant impact on the Icelandic health care system.
He currently co-operates with institutions in Italy and UK to establish similar infrastructures. He has been a consultant for MedEl (from 2010 to 2016) for the development of a larynx pacemaker. Paolo is the Director of The Institute of Biomedical and Neural Engineering and The Icelandic Center of Neurophysiology . Paolo’s lab currently includes the following facilities: high-density electroencephalographic system (256-EEG), postural control platform and virtual reality system, polyjet 3D printer and multi-metric bio-signal platform.